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True Group

Who is Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is born in 1971 and died in 2017. He wants to save the whole world. During his life, he is the founder of SpaceX and his markable contributions are March exploring and Tesla industry. He believes Open AI and neural-ink. Climate change becomes a big issue in our planet’s future and Elon Musk wants to save our world with his effort by exploring other plants.

Fraud Group

Is Elon Mush a Innovator or Fraud?

Why he is a fraud:

  1. His company Tesla is losing money all the time, 8000$ per minute.
  2. He sold his products even he can not support and validate them.
  3. SolarCity is hanging on a cliff. The quantity of MW/acre decreased every year. The expected MW is much higher that the actual MW.

One thing he was good at is exploiting the market. And where ie the money come from?? U.S. governments along gave him a lot. He stole the money from government.

Questions for True Group:

  1. How many rockets can come back and be reused actually?
  2. If I have a lot of money but I did a lot of unsuccessful projects, am I a inventor?
  3. You say Tesla actually makes a lot of profit but can you provide evidences what you said?   N
  4. Who made the decisions when you receive investment from government? Are you going to share with government?
  5. Tesla has a low productivity compared with other car companies. It can be regarded as invention?    N
  6. Do you know how many Tesla quarterly deliveries were promised before?
  7. Companies work for stockholders since they need to make money. Tesla can not sell their products at the beginning, how can sell more in the future?

Questions for Fraud Group:

  1. In your presentation you said Tesla did not profit at all but do you know the Tesla repaid all his debt?
  2. Elon Musk knows a lot of pollution, environment and actually he is trying to do his best. You just denied his financial situation, but can you deny his achievements?
  3. You gave us a lot of figures in your presentation but how you can prove they are true?
  4. After two years of product issued, government stoped the “tax-break” policy of Tesla. Why did government do that?
  5. How you can disapprove his ideas and how you can say all his ideas are fraud?
  6. How about project: PayPal? Elan Musk supported this project even it is not a idea generated by him.
  7. Why electric cars are not the solution in future?     N

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