Elon Musk: a Visionary or a Fraud Battle

This special edition attempts to register the traces left by the referred last battle. So here there is one interpretation of the main questions discussed that day.

A Visionary

  1. ¿How Musk’s companies can be sustainable and feasible? Ans.: We are doing researching development and experimentation in the field of cars, space exploration and clean energy, and the Government is consistently supporting us to boost sustainability in the long term.


  1. If Tesla is not getting profits ¿Why to invest in Tesla? Ans.: Electrical cars are disruptive in the market, so Tesla must be treated as a research business instead a traditional carmaker. Indeed the production timing is longer and there are losses per car. Even though, the aim is to reduce environmental damage that’s why the company is diversifying the car offering; from luxury to mass market models.


  1. ¿How is the Government following their investments? Ans.: The Government is permanently investing and the balances are transparent, and also the stock market demonstrates the returns every period. So, this is a researching company producing gains and losses as well.


  1. ¿How many rockets can be reused? Ans.: All rockets are reusable, but we cannot say a rocket can travel 30 times to Mars.

A Fraud

  1. ¿Why are you judging financial losses instead the vision behind the companies? Ans.: According our figures, the income is going down every year and still they are losing money, which is a public financial support. Furthermore, Tesla usually is partially repaying debts, i.e. around 20%, and then asks for new loans increasing the time window to repay once again. We can associate such behavior to the Ponzi scheme fraud, where the value is given by external capital or in the form of financial instruments, instead from the real production.


  1. ¿Where are the references to support such lack of profits in Tesla? Ans.: Tesla produces around three cars per day, and meanwhile others are producing thousands of cars, so the production is very low. For instance, Ford is manufacturing a car 10 times faster. If you are not able to produce enough cars you are not doing an innovation.


  1. ¿How do you prove that Tesla production is unsuccessful? Ans.: We used statistical references from Internet, where it is also possible to read about many failures in Falcon 9 rocket. So, from the financial state the innovation is not successful, that’s why we insist and ask ¿what does a company work for?

Hope this helps! All the best,

Berioshka, Notekeepers Team

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