The Class Reminiscences of Dec 4

This occasion the class began with an invitation from Victorino Filippo to the next startup Lab coming the next semester. The experience is designed to boost and refine ideas in one goal direction; meanwhile the soft skills are also developed.  The work starts with a customer problem solution, and then it is followed by a first pitch session before the team selection and building. During the journey the students are facing changes and receiving mentoring, before reach the final open pitch.

From another stance, the elements present in the start up Lab are not far from the scope of social capital, since we are recognizing competencies that are not only technical. Certainly, it is well known that the initial start up stage is fuelled by personal resources, and the funds are limited. Nevertheless, there is more capital on the table than just money, so the active connections among people are also the resources that are the basis of social capital. Furthermore, such connections can be characterized from different perspectives, namely the relations in the social network and the resources created by people relations.  So, ¿How do you put all the resources together to form the organization? Currently, the partners involved in the formation of a company can increase the variety of resources available, and the growing process as well. In fact, through formal partner relations the positive impact is higher, driving strategic alliances based on mutual and compatible purposes, such as, the shared economy. So ¿What are the benefits of social capital?, mainly exploiting business opportunities. For instance, the lack of knowledge can be perceived as an opportunity to involve new players. Moreover, it is also feasible to make a link between market transaction and acquisition through any strategical alliance. To exemplify, the health industry and insurances by sharing part of the equity.

In general, if we need access to knowledge we can derive in a complementary R&D extension, such as, the alliance between Apple and AT&T. Another example, if we are looking for access to new markets and internationalization possibly we reach further market knowledge. By seeking efficiency we can promote the introduction of scaling up partners. By producing tailored solutions to clients we can satisfy needs instead demands for standards products. To exemplify, a low cost mobile phone system in Africa allowing an alliance between the Government and the telecommunications industry. Another example, it is risk sharing where there is an opportunity to pool resources or portfolios together. Also the combination of knowledge can derive in new products, such as, Apple and BMW, Adidas and Goodyear, among others.

To close the class, the artistic intervention of the collective Incanti installed the vision of a multidisciplinary theatre. The Incanti project tends to translate the characteristic meaning displayed by the environment into a renovated energy that is disseminated in a particular space by the body language acting as a medium. So, the voice progression of a singer who is crossing the space in circular movements produces a magnetic field that attracts the audience attention, transforming the spatial energy. The project Incanti considers the innovation as a bridge between theatre and the University, so the invitation is open to participate in this project and other social initiatives, such as the park interventions for common good.

Hope this helps! All the best,

Berioshka, Notekeepers Team

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