IBICT 2019


How do I ask a question?

For any doubts/questions/critics contact the Housekeeper (Kes Greuter) and for problems with the website contact the Webmaster (Simone Degiacomi).

Where do I find the slides, notes or photos of the Exam Q&A class?

You can find the slides, notes and photos of the class dedicated to exam questions on the "Lessons" section of the website.

not-attending students

What are the case study arguments?

The argument of the case studies are 6, and they are the same of the battles.

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Can I take the exam if my group didn't submit the report yet?

Yes, the exam and battle report are separated. This means that, for example, you can take the exam on January and submit the report on February.

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How many questions will be asked about the case study?

You'll be asked at least one question for each person of the jury. The jury will be composed of at least 4 people.

Do I need to read the mandatory readings to pass the exam?

The content of the questions is briefly specified in the exam page. Moreover, you can find examples of the questions in the Exam Q&A slides (link on top of this page).

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When will the battle presentation marks be announced?

Marks of the battle presentations will be published around the date of the January exam.

How long is the exam?

The exam lasts 2 hrs.

I only see the I&B Basics exam on Esse3. What should I do?

Just sign up for the I&B Basics exam in January or February, and show up at the corresponding IBICT exam. For instance, if you want to come at IBICT exam on January, sign for I&B Basics of January.

When will role marks be published?

Together with the battle presentation marks.